Well….now what do I do

I finished a major part of my website….yay….I also have several finals next week, all of which need severe studying…
I have this feeling every once in while…this feeling of emptiness once I have either finished a project or stopped obsessing over one. I am always left wondering what the next step should be, and, often enough, I pick up something right away, but sometimes this emptiness lasts for days and leads into a depression that takes something really new to get me out of it. More than likely, that will not happen this time around, but I felt it was worth mentioning.

I just cannot figure out the why of it all. Why can I not derive the same energy and willpower that I have for learning Photoshop or perfecting my website into learning all the biochemical reactions I have thus neglected ten weeks into the quarter? Once upon a time, I used to hold an enthusiasm for this, but now….I know that my interests and wants out of life have changed dramatically, but can those truly amount to what I can make myself do? Was the real reason I did so well in high school the fact that I actually gave a damn about everything I was doing?


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