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And so it is great circle that is my life….

March 6th, 2006 — 9:34pm

Well, it took much longer than anticipated, but I completed something; not anything worthwhile, simply my Calvin and Hobbes page. However, what truly amazes me is how even though, the site is complete, and it appeared that I no longer had any excuse to not do what I have to do, I have just now discovered a way to improve it and will take an undefined amount of time to fix. The lesson here, I suppose, is nothing in the realm of procrastination is ever complete nor will it ever be completed. It is simply an ongoing cycle that is destined to doom me for the rest of my being.

My depression over my past interview is beginning to wane and I am, thankfully, feeling more upbeat about my ever depressing future. It is one thing to have a pitiful path lying ahead of me, but it is something entirely different to stroll down that path in low spirits.

Having just “completed” my Calvin and Hobbes site, I feel like any one strip manages to convey whatever message to which I am referring, and so the Calvin moment of the night:

…oh, and looking back through past posts, I’ve realized I missed my deadline for editing my novel…..but I’m warm in my blanket right now….

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