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June 16th, 2006 — 9:33pm

In my life I’ve faced
Many trials
And also tribulations,
And I know
That many
Too many
Far more strenuous exercises
Lie in my path ahead,
But now
Right now,
I simply feel empty.

I know
Really, I know,
When one door closes
Another will open.
I know
Honestly, I know,
Jesus will guide me
Every step into the light.
This is part of a plan
However unpleasant
And I must go through with it.

One day, someday,
I’ll look back on this and smile,
But now,
Right now,
I simply feel empty.

I didn’t start this out as a poem,
It simply flowed.
What can I do
But make make myself feel better?
I trying restlessly
To not feel empty,
So very empty.

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