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May 6th, 2006 — 1:31am

It’s Cinco de Mayo. Yay….

I’m going to see a step show and that’ll be the end of it for me….

….Went to exhaustively long step show….

I can’t believe the Omegas didn’t even have a team. The last time I went, they were pretty bad in comparison to the rest, but the Deltas had to step up for them. I don’t understand why Omegas are so weak here…

I’m staying in tonight, obviously, and I really don’t mind it. It’s strange: being “alone” when I’m out with other people, makes me feel far more lonely than when I’m just alone and by myself. I think the idea that I am alone is paraded in front of me when I go out with all of them and it makes me feel bad about myself, and honestly, who needs that? There are plenty of things around the house to make me feel bad about myself, without having to go out and spend money to have a “good time.”

Anyway, time to finish creating my sims story and then time for bed.

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