Yesterday, well, I guess two days ago, was such a great day for me. First, I got a job! Woot! A half-way decent job that I know I can do with steady pay and reasonably stable hours. Then, I managed to switch around my classes to accommodate the training schedule and since I know what my hours will be, I can schedule my OSU classes accordingly. I thought briefly that I would not be able to, but everything worked out for the best. Oh, Jesus is great! The best part of the night was when I got to my eight o’clock class, the girl next to me says that she’s new in town, but doesn’t like it. So, I asked if her she had church home and then suggested Lincoln Park. I’m not sure if she’ll show or not, but I was excited just the same.
**Sigh** Ohio State lost, but since I really didn’t watch that much of the game, it doesn’t bother me all that much. I was on such a spiritual high on Monday that nothing could really phase me at the point. I don’t get too many days to smile and “woot” about, so when they come along, I smile and woot as much as God will let me.

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