A fun night out

Yesterday, I had something slightly important to say, but was rushed out of the house for some other reason, probably pertaining to going out to dinner with the rents, being that it was my mum’s birthday and all. Whatever it was I was going to say, is completely gone and the fact that I am still slightly hungover does not help that fact in any way.

However, last night was fun in the end. I was not sure if I wanted to go out, but I did anyway. We ended up going to a crappy bar and eventually to Panini’s where we actually had our fun. I had not gone out in probably six or seven weeks, but for once I decided to reach out and make contact with my peers. There was of course the ever fantastic fun of trying to run away from some random homeless guy who was most likely going to rob us on our way out of the bar, but what made the night fun for me were the pictures I took. The last time I went out and took pictures, I looked pretty terrible in them. Last night’s pictures, I looked kind of cute for once and I did not feel depressed while drinking. I also saw a number of people I had not seen in months and surprisingly they were people I actually wanted to see rather than the ones I turn away from on the street. I had a good time, but it makes me wonder if next quarter I will be going out at all.

True, I had fun last night, but really only because it was St. Patty’s Day and I kind of felt obligated to do so. Would I have that kind of fun throughout next quarter though? Probably not…

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