On the right track?

Yesterday was ridiculously tumultuous. There were leaps and bounds made that I never thought possible. I wonder how long this new venture will last, but perhaps with some reasonably helpful guidance, I may make it through. True, though I am still following the same patterns that got me into this mess, hopefully, this slight change can help get me out. I have, more or less, stopped lying though, and if anything, I think that is the greatest improvement of all.

Now, here is where a life-renewing path can be either debunked or followed most diligently:

Do I choose the quick and ugly path by having McDonald’s breakfast, or do I suck it up and make my own, which will prove to be far healthier and will not make me into a slug for the rest of the day, enabling me to study to the best of my abilities?

Decisions, decisions, decisions….

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