This is why I prefer my own dot com….

I cannot find a webhost to store the music for my xanga to save my life. All I want to do is hotlink…that’s all, it is so ridiculous. I refuse to hotlink to my own site, I pay for that nonsense and it’s bandwidth. Bah! I suppose I’ll figure out something.

So, I’ve just come back from St. Louis and my Anheuser-Busch interviews and I wish I was in better spirits. I also wish they interviewed based simply on the person presented and past reviews and never grades, because CLEARLY grades don’t say everything they should about a person. Nonetheless, my grades are dismal and all hopes for a career there are slim, but I will not stop praying. After all, I’ve been with A-B for three years as an intern and even if they choose to kick me to the curb, I suppose I can always take the things they taught me somewhere else. I really don’t want to, but at least it is a light at the end of the tunnel.

On some lighter notes, I feel like I’ve grown as a person, by experiencing new challenges, like renting a car and navigating my way through an unfamiliar city for example. Half the fun was getting lousy direction both from Yahoo!Maps and from the concierge at the Sheraton Hotel.

Oh well….I suppose I am still breathing and I can still walk….I suppose life is good.

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